Which children need adopting?

The children awaiting adoption need new families who can love and accept them for who they are. In many cases they are:

  • aged over 3
  • need to be adopted with brothers and sisters
  • have been exposed to the effects of parental drug and alcohol misuse in early life or before birth
  • have a physical or  learning disability
  • come from varied cultural, ethnic and/or religious backgrounds

The children need adoptive parents who can understand that many of them will have experienced difficulties in their birth family which will require patience and understanding to overcome. They may have suffered physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse and/or neglect, all of which will have impacted on their development.

All children placed for adoption will have had at least one change in the person caring for them and sometimes several changes. We know that this will mean that they will need time to establish trust and an emotional bond with a new family.

All the children placed for adoption will have two families – the family they are born to and the family that adopt them. Children will often have memories of their birth family and it is important that they understand that they are adopted from an early stage so that they can trust the important adults in their life - their adoptive parents who are truthful with them and accept them for who they are.

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