Who can adopt?

We welcome interest in adoption from people from all walks of life who can offer a secure, stable home to a child. 

  • You need to be aged 21 years or above.
  • You can be single, married or in a stable long term relationship.
  • Your sexual orientation is not an issue.
  • You may already have children of your own.
  • You may not yet be a parent.
  • You can be from any ethnic group or religion.

It is not a good time to consider adoption if you:

  • are planning major changes in your life, such as moving house/job
  • are experiencing financial difficulties
  • have suffered a death or major loss in your family within the past year
  • are currently undergoing fertility treatment

Other points to note

  • We recommend that you allow yourself 6 to 12 months from your final fertility treatment before you consider adoption.
  • If you adopt a pre-school child, you would be expected to stay at home with the child for at least the first six months.
  • You cannot become an adopter if you have been convicted of a serious crime involving violence and/or children.

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