Adoption introduction process

The introductory process is planned so that you can get to know the children and make sure that the match is right. Support at this time will be given by your adoption social worker and the child/ren's social worker.

How it works

You will travel to the area where the child/ren lives and spend an increasing amount of time with them; the length of this process depends on their age and needs.

After the child/ren comes to live with you we will review the placement until the time is right for you to make an application to the court for an 'adoption order'. The first review is within 28 days, then 3 months, then every 6 months. We will look at how the child is settling into your family and how you are progressing towards an adoption order.

Adoption order

Until an adoption order is made, the child/ren is still the responsibility of the local authority. This means that the child/ren cannot be cared for by your friends or relatives without prior permission and decisions about them are still made by the local authority, after consulting with you.

When you are ready to make an application to the court for an adoption order, we will discuss this with you. Your adoption social worker will help you decide if you are ready. The child/ren's social worker and your adoption social worker will prepare a report to support your application. You will then attend an adoption hearing in the court, where an adoption order will be made.

Once an adoption order is made, only you will have full legal rights and responsibilities for your child, the parental responsibility of the birth parents and the local authority will be extinguished at this point.

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