Adoption matching

When you're approved to adopt your details are added to the National Adoption Register and the Yorkshire Adoption Consortium register.

The Consortium looks for matches across the region between approved adopters and children needing a placement. The National Adoption Register looks for potential matches across England. Your adoption social worker will support you in identifying a potential match.

In the unlikely event that a match has not been found after a year, we'll hold a review to look at any changes in your circumstances and approval status. If you are waiting for more than a year, your references will need to be updated and your approval reviewed.

Possible matches

When a possible match is found, your information and the child/ren’s information is exchanged. The child's social worker can visit you, if you want to know more about the child/ren.

If you decide you want to be considered as a potential family for them, and the child's social worker also thinks  you'd be a good match, they'll set up a meeting with the people currently involved in the child/ren’s life including their foster carers, school, pediatrician etc (but not birth family).

Having heard all about the child, if you wish to proceed the child/ren’s social worker will prepare a report for their adoption panel. You will contribute to this report, which will say how you can meet the child/ren's needs.

Adoption panel

Along with your social worker and the child/ren’s social worker, you will attend the adoption panel in the local authority the child comes from. 

This adoption panel will consider whether they think that you ‘match’ the kind of family the child/ren needs and make a recommendation about this to the Agency Decision Maker in the child’s local authority, who then decides if you would be a good ‘match’ for the child/ren.

If the match is approved you will be able to meet the child/ren for the first time. Find out more about the introduction process.

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