Adoption agency decision

There are two main courses of action our Agency Decision Maker relating to prospective adoptive parents:

  • to approve as suitable to adopt
  • not to approve as suitable to adopt

Approved as suitable to adopt

When you're approved as suitable to adopt we'll inform you about the role of the 'National Adoption Register' and the 'Yorkshire Adoption Consortium Register' and ask your permission to send your details (within 3 months) to these databases so links can be sought with suitable children.

Not approved as suitable to adopt

It's worth noting that the majority of people who apply to be assessed as prospective adopters are approved. However, if you are not approved you can request a review of the decision by the Independent Review Mechanism (IRM).

For the IRM, the agency you're working with must provide details of their reasons for the decision and you have 40 working days to ask questions about their reasons via the IRM or to give further information contesting the reasons to the agency.

When an agency receives your comments, the agency’s decision-maker may invite the applicant to meet to discuss their case. They may refer the case to the Adoption Panel for consideration. If the case is referred to the Panel a new recommendation as to the suitability of the applicant to adopt a child will be made.

Final decision

Once the Agency Decision Maker has received a recommendation from the panel or IRM they will make final decision about your suitability to adopt. The agency must notify you in writing to provide reasons for the decision.

After approval

Once you're approved you will then be in a position to be matched with a child.

At this point your adoption social worker will help you to study the details of children currently awaiting adoption, to consider the characteristics of those you feel able to parent.

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