Adoption stage 2

Stage 2 of the adoption approval process begins after you have completed stage 1 and let us know that you  want to proceed. This stage should be completed within 4 months, It involves intensive training and assessment.

Your assessment plan

We will draw up an assessment plan with you; this details, for example, assessment process, dates of meetings/visits and agreed training. We will guide and support you through this process.

We will complete a Prospective Adopter’s Report (PAR) with you, and give you a copy (minus reference and checks section) which you may respond to by sending us any comments within 5 working days.

The adoption panel

The PAR is then presented to the adoption panel, a meeting which you will be invited to attend. Once the Panel has met and made a recommendation the agency will make a decision on your approval.


Stage 2 ends when, following a recommendation by our adoption panel, the agency decision maker (the Assistant Director in Children’s Social Care) decides whether you should be approved as a prospective adopter.

Find out more about the agency decision.

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