Foster carers come from all different walks of life. Our main concern is that you can offer a child a safe and secure environment and can understand some of the child's feelings and worries.

The basic requirements are quite general, you can:

  • be any age
  • be single, married or in a civil partnership, or in a long term relationship; your sexual orientation is not an issue
  • be from any ethnic group or religion.
  • live in or outside of York, within reasonable travelling distance
  • already have children of your own, or not

You cannot become an foster carer if you have been convicted of a serious crime.

What we look for in a foster carer

We look for special qualities in people that make them ideal foster carers. If you want to become a foster carer, you should:

  • be patient, tolerant and be able to provide a warm and secure home
  • have the extra time and energy a foster child would need
  • be willing to develop new skills
  • be able to communicate effectively and work positively with a child's family and social work staff
  • be able to bounce back and overcome problems you may meet
  • have enough physical space in your home, preferably a spare bedroom
  • be prepared for us to learn more about you and your family. By law this involves an assessment process including personal and medical references, and police and statutory checks

If you are interested in foster care, complete our online fostering enquiry form. Alternately you can complete and return a downloadable fostering enquiry form to the Fostering Team.

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