If you aren’t able to manage your money, arrangements can be made for someone else to help you by becoming your 'appointee' or 'deputy':

  • an appointee looks after your benefits, if you become unable to manage them yourself
  • a deputy looks after your benefits, your property, savings, investments and financial wellbeing in you are unable to do this yourself

Your appointee and deputy would arrange to receive your benefits and pay your bills for you.

This includes:

  • managing your finances
  • making sure you get the correct benefits
  • making sure you use your money to pay bills

Acting as your appointee or deputy

We can become your appointee or deputy if you have no appropriate family, friend, or associates able or willing to do this for you.

You must meet all of the following conditions for us to act as your appointee:

  • you are eligible for a social care service
  • you have savings of less than £16,000
  • you do not own a property or land
  • you get a social security benefit or state pension
  • you and your Care Manager consider that you cannot manage your finances
  • the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is satisfied that you are unable to manage your affairs (for example by visiting you, and, if necessary, by getting medical evidence)

Appointeeship can not be used as an alternative to our normal care management procedures.

In addition to the above, you must also meet the following conditions for us to act as your deputy:

  • you own a property or land
  • you have savings in excess of £16,000
  • you receive other income, such as an occupational pension

Apply for help to manage your money

If you have the capacity to deal with your finances, but there's evidence you're at risk of financial abuse (or you're unable to manage your benefits, which could potentially put you at risk) then we can apply for appointeeship, also known as the Court of Protection and Appointee Service.

If you already get support from us and want us to become your appointee, you must speak to the person who provides or arranges your care and they can help to organise this.

If you are not eligible for social care services, a relative, friend or associate can apply to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to become your appointee.

If you have more than £16,000 in savings, or own land or property, then we must apply to the Court of Protection to be able to manage your finances. We will then become your deputy; we will also apply to become your appointee at the same time.

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