Alley gating

We can restrict access to public rights of way, including alleyways, in order to tackle persistent crime and anti-social behaviour. This is achieved by installing lockable gates at either end of the alleyway.


Alley gates can reduce crime and anti-social behavior (ASB) near alleyways, including:

  • burglaries
  • arson
  • youth nuisance
  • fly-tipping

We've been restricting access to 'problem alleyways' for a number of years which has reduced the number of crime and ASB incident in the areas where gates are fitted.

Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO)

'Gating Orders' (used to announce new alley gates) have been superseded by 'Public Spaces Protection Orders' (PSPOs) under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. New powers allow alternative and additional restrictions to be imposed, to assist with preventing a wider range of behaviours, such as dog fouling.

Request an alley gate in your area

The alley gate programme is dependant on available funding and is fully subscribed for 2015/16.  Please contact us for further details.

Report an alley gate problem

If you experience any problems or faults please contact us quoting the gate number or its location.

Request a PIN code or key for an alley gate

If your property is adjoining or adjacent to an alleyway that has gates fitted, you will be entitled to the PIN code/key to operate the lock.

If you have difficulty in operating the PIN code pad due to reduced manual dexterity, you may apply for an override key which allows gates to be opened without the need to turn the lock lever. Please contact us for further details.

Current Consultations

When looking at making a Public Spaces Protection Order we must consult with those who are affected by the possible restrictions.  

Our Alleygating Policy is currently under review. 

Each gating order and respective plan is available for download or can be inspected at our Customer Centre at West Offices.

Keys for Scarcroft View gate

Keys for the Scarcroft View gate are available to anyone who wishes to have one. Keys are limited to one per household - download the following application form to get a key:

Scarcroft View gate key application form

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