Legal record of public rights of way

The Definitive Map and Statement

The legal record of public rights of way is known as the Definitive Map and Statement: the Definitive Map is the minimum record of public rights of way.

The Definitive Statement is a description of each of the routes recorded on the map and includes any restrictions to their use. 

How to view the map

The Definitive Map is a public document and you can see it at our Customer Centre. Please call us to make an appointment.

Changing the Definitive Map

If you think the Definitive Map is incorrect you can apply to make a change to it. For example you may apply for:

  • the addition of a route to the map
  • the deletion of a route from the map
  • a change to the status of a route recorded on the map.

You will need to supply evidence to support your claim.

Diverting, extinguishing or creating a public right of way

Public rights of way can be diverted, extinguished or created by a legal order known as a Public Path Order.

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