Public rights of way

A public right of way (PROW), is a 'highway' that can be used by the public at all times. Highways can be:

  • roads
  • footpaths
  • bridleways
  • byways

Public rights of way in York

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Footpaths are for:

  • walkers
  • prams and pushchairs
  • buggies and wheelchairs

Some footpaths, particularly those in the countryside, may not be suitable for some users.

Dogs on footpaths

Dogs are allowed on footpaths, although you may have to keep them on a lead or under close control. Please be a responsible dog owner:

  • clean up after your dog - it's an offence to allow your dog to foul on PROW
  • make sure your dog does not stray off the path - you may be committing trespassing offence (the landowner can ask you to leave)

Cycles on footpaths

You do not have the right to ride or push a bicycle along a footpath - if you do so without permission from the landowner you may be trespassing and can be asked to leave.


Bridleways are for:

  • walkers
  • horse riders
  • cyclists

You can lead a horse along a bridleway.

Cyclists must give way to walkers and horses.

Some bridleways are not suitable for cycles.

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