Travelling in snowy conditions


We'll grit certain roads (the primary gritting routes) and footpaths when weather forecasts predict icy conditions from November to March.

If it snows, further salting and ploughing is carried out where needed.

'Secondary gritting routes' are also treated when resources are available.

Salt bins for roads

We provide salt bins at various locations which we inspect and refill throughout the winter. Use our online map to see where salt bins are located in York.  See also winter driving tips.


We treat 'priority' footpaths depending on how bad the weather is. This includes areas of the city centre. Other well used footpaths will be cleared and treated when resources are available. However, most footpaths are unlikely to be treated and pedestrians should take extra care in icy conditions.  Find out about how you can help as a volunteer snow warden.  See also information on clearing paths in bad weather.

York City walls

The city walls will be closed if the ice and frozen snow make them too slippery to walk on safely.

Cycle routes

Off road council cycle routes are treated with grit sand in the early stages of winter and then monitored to see if further treatment is necessary.

Car parks

Car parks are not routinely salted. Entrances and exits are cleared following heavy snow when resources are available.

For further information please read our winter service plan and supplementary information.

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