Use our eForm to report a problem with street lighting.

Report a street lighting fault

We are responsible for the maintenance and repair of:

  • street lights
  • illuminated signs
  • illuminated bollards
  • the floodlights on the city walls

Response times

We attend approximately 5,500 faults per year.

  • urgent faults will be attended and either repaired or made safe within 2 hours
  • normal faults will be attended and either repaired or made safe within 4 working days
  • when a defect has been made safe and further works are required, we aim to have the repairs carried out within 20 working days
  • when there is an issue with the electricity supply, and we have to work with a utility company to resolve, the national standard allows 35 working days for the repairs to be completed

We also carry out a programme of structural testing of all steel street light columns, and visual inspections of concrete columns. All failed columns will be either cut down or removed immediately and replaced as soon as practicable.

Reducing energy bills

This year, we are focusing on reducing our carbon footprint and energy bills through our ongoing carbon reduction programme. This includes changing the type of bulbs we use in our street lights to create a shift from the traditional orange glow to a brighter white light by installing new LED lamps across the city.

Street lighting bid

We have bid for a share of the Department for Transport’s £575 million 'Local Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund' towards a repair programme, you can view the bid document.

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