You're responsible for your own and your passengers' safety, your vehicle's safety and that of other road users. You should therefore ensure you drive carefully in adverse weather.

There are a number of things you can do to drive more safely during winter:

  • check the weather forecast and road conditions before travelling
  • consider whether your journey is necessary or could be rearranged in particularly severe weather
  • prepare your vehicle for winter and carry a shovel and blanket in your vehicle
  • wherever possible, use main routes which are more likely to have been treated
  • allow extra time for your journey
  • let someone know your destination and estimated arrival time
  • make sure you can see clearly, and put your lights on to make sure others can see you
  • give gritters and snow ploughs plenty of room to operate
  • be patient with cautious motorists
  • follow The Highway Code for driving in adverse weather conditions

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