Pedestrian crossings and traffic signals

There are a number of types of pedestrian crossing:

  • pelican crossing: a crossing on a road controlled by a sequence of lights arranged to allow pedestrians to cross the road in safety
  • puffin crossing: similar to a pelican crossing, but arranged so it responds to a pedestrian using the crossing to improve safety and efficiency
  • toucan crossing: similar to a pelican crossing, but arranged to allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross the road in safely
  • traffic signals: control road junctions with a sequence of lights to share out the use of the same space by both drivers and pedestrians

Puffin crossings

Puffin crossings have been introduced in York, replacing some older pelican crossings, because they:

  • cut delays
  • improve the flow of traffic
  • increase pedestrians' safety
  • benefit both pedestrians and drivers

See the Department for Transport leaflet How to use a Puffin Crossing for more information.

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