City centre disabled access

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Talking signs

Talking signs help people with visual impairments find their way around the city centre. They automatically speak information to anyone who approaches the sign wearing a small REACT unit.

The signs can speak in one of four different languages, English, Urdu, Bengali and Gujarati.

REACT units are available from:

  • The York Blind and Partially Sighted Society, 61 Bootham, York
  • contact tel: 01904 636269

The locations of talking signs can be seen in the city centre access guide, which will soon be available to download from this page.


Footstreets may be used at certain times of the day by cars, bicycles and other vehicles. Please take care using these streets when they are open to traffic.

You can go to our city centre pedestrian zone page for details of when the pedestrian area is open to traffic.


For more information on the availability of 'off-street' disabled (accessible) parking spaces around York, see our car parks directory - all disabled parking in our car parks is free of charge. Alternatively, find out about parking in York using your Blue Badge.

York's 'shop mobility' car park is Piccadilly Car Park. Mobility scooters can be hired and customer lifts are available. This car park leads directly to the Coppergate Centre (shopping area).

Access guides

The Disabled Go website provides detailed disabled access guides to over 1,000 buildings and services in York, including hotels, cinemas, restaurants, solicitors, offices and pubs.

Specialist toilets

For a map and a list of specialist toilet facilities around York, go to the changing places website.

RADAR keys

You need a RADAR key to use disabled access toilets (unless they are attended). In York, all disabled facilities are locked between 8pm and 8am.

You can buy a RADAR keys for £3 from the York Tourist Information Centre or our Customer Centre. Your key will open more than 9,000 accessible toilets across the UK, not just in York.

If you're visiting York and do not have a RADAR key from your own council, we can provide one as long as you can provide proof of disability, such as a blue badge or a letter from your doctor.

If you cannot collect a key yourself, please contact us for advice.

Contact RADAR directly at: 12 City Forum, 250 City Road, London EC1V 8AF, or by tel: 02072 503222 or email:

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