Road closures

Apply for permission to close the road or footpath to prevent vehicles or pedestrians using it; you must:

  • include a plan showing the location of the closure
  • include a plan showing diversion routes and signs you intend to use
  • return your complete form (and plans) to our Traffic Management Team
  • allow 3 to 5 weeks notice for us to process your application before you need a road closure

Permission to close a road or footpath

Permission to close a road or footpath:

  • will only be given if keeping it open will cause considerable risk to those using it
  • is valid for the duration of road closure you applied for
  • maximum duration of a road closure is 6 weeks

Contact our Traffic Management Team if you need to close a road or footpath for longer than 6 weeks.

Cost of road closures

The cost to close a road or footpath depends on the scale of your works or event. The minimum charge is £460 rising to a maximum charge of £1,380. Most closures involving one street or footpath will fall into the minimum charge category. If your event or works require closures for several streets or areas, you will be charged a higher rate, but not more than £1,380.

Please note:

  • Concessions may be available for charitable events
  • all applicants (including charities) will be charged for advertising costs if your closure involves a legal order

We'll send an invoice to you, using the details from your application form, if the closure is granted.

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