Penalty charge notices - charge certificates

We will issue a Charge Certificate to the keeper of the vehicle if a parking fine (or PCN) has not been paid after 28 days from you receiving a Notice to Owner (NTO) from us and:

  • the fine remains outstanding
  • no appeal has been registered with the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (TPT)


  • receiving a Notice of Refusal from the Traffic Penalty Tribunal

Once a Charge Certificate has been issued you have no further statutory right of appeal.

If this is the first you have heard about the Penalty Charge Notice

You can write to us explaining why you feel you should not have to pay the Penalty Charge Notice. At this stage we do not have a legal duty to consider your representations but we will, if you have reasonable grounds for making a late representation.

We will notify you of our decision. If we decide not to accept your late representation then the PCN will progress to the next stage. If you did not receive the PCN or the NTO you will be able to make a 'Witness Statement' to that effect - see Her Majesty's Courts Service website for more details.

Next steps

The Charge Certificate increases the penalty charge by 50% and allows 21 days for payment, beginning with the date of posting.

If payment has not been received after 21 days, we may register the charge with the Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC) at Northampton County Court to recover the unpaid charge. The TEC is part of the County Court based at Northampton that deals with the registration of debts from England and Wales for all unpaid Penalty Charge Notices.

After the TEC has sent confirmation to the council that they may proceed to recover the charge, we have 15 days to prepare and serve the following forms on you:

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