Parking fine Notice to Owner

If we receive no contact or payment during the 28 day period after a penalty charge notice (PCN) was issued, we may issue a Notice to Owner (NTO).

We contact the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to obtain the name and address of the registered keeper of a vehicle. We may then issue an NTO to the registered keeper within the following 6 months.

An NTO is a legal document which confirms:

  • that a PCN is outstanding
  • where and when the PCN was issued
  • the parking offence
  • the amount to pay

The registered keeper can then either pay the PCN or submit a representation.

NTO representations

The NTO sets out the grounds on which representations can be made if you believe the parking ticket was incorrectly issued.

If you did not know a PCN was outstanding prior to receipt of the NTO, then you should still submit a representation. When making your representation you should state that you did not have an opportunity to deal with the PCN within the initial discount period.

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