Parking tickets (penalty charge notices)

Parking tickets that we issue are called 'penalty charge notices' (PCN), they are issued in accordance with the Traffic Management Act 2004.

If you get a parking ticket you have three choices:

Traffic Management Act 2004

The 2004 Act lets us take over parking enforcement from the police covering:

  • yellow lines
  • resident parking
  • car parks
  • on street parking
  • road closures
  • suspended parking

PCN are enforced through the civil justice system, rather than the criminal justice system.

A complete list of parking contraventions that are enforced by our parking enforcement team in York is available.

Issuing parking tickets

We employ 'civil enforcement officers' to issue PCN on streets and in car parks, in these locations the PCN must be either fixed to the vehicle or given to the person who appears to be in charge of the vehicle.

There are three exceptions when a PCN may be issued by post:

  • when the officer has been prevented from issuing the PCN by violence, including abusive or intimidating behaviour, threats or actual physical force
  • when the officer has started to issue the PCN but didn't have enough time to finish before the vehicle was driven away
  • when the parking contravention has been detected using evidence from an approved device/camera

Ticket costs

A parking fine may be either £70 or £50 depending on the impact of your parking offence. For example, a penalty charge notice that is issued for parking on a yellow line will be at the higher rate of £70, whereas if a pay and display ticket has expired the lower rate of £50 will apply.

Fine reductions

The Traffic Management Act allows a reduction to be made if you pay your fine early:

  • payment within 14 days gets a discount amount of 50% (the day the ticket is issued counts as day 1 of the 14 day period)
  • after 14 days the full amount will be payable, except if you have made an objection which puts it on hold pending a decision. Once a decision has we'll allow you a further 14 days from the receipt of our letter for payment at the discount rate, if you have to pay

Ignored parking tickets

Do not ignore parking tickets, you may get extra penalties if you don't pay or object promptly.

If you persistently ignore 'penalty charges' you risk having your vehicle clamped and towed away and then you become liable for the cost of clamping (£40) and removal (£105).

During the 28 day following issuing a parking ticket we'll contact the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to obtain the name and address of the registered keeper of a vehicle, who we'll then send a legal document known as a 'Notice to Owner'.

The registered keeper is liable for payment of the fine irrespective of whether they were the driver at the time the fine was issued.

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