If you live in a residents' priority parking scheme (ResPark) zone, on-street parking is restricted unless a valid permit is displayed in your vehicle.

When you buy a household parking permit or if you are the first person to purchase a house in multiple occupancy (HMO) parking permit, you'll receive an authorisation card free of charge with your permit.

An authorisation card enables you to buy permits for your visitors to use in a ResPark zone.

If you don't own a car you're able to purchase an authorisation card without the associated household parking permit for £3.10.

If you live within a special control parking zone, you will not be able to purchase visitor parking permits.

Return your application with the correct payment and proof of your address.

Map of all ResPark zones

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You can zoom in on the map to view the locations of residents' priority parking scheme (ResPark) zones in York.

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Use the map search bar to search by postcode or street name to see if your property falls within a ResPark zone.

Using visitors' parking permits

Visitor permits are single use scratch cards, which need to be displayed in the windscreen of visitors' vehicles at all times whilst they're parked in the ResPark zone.

Visitor permits come in books of 5, each book costs £6.25.

Each permit is valid for one day and lasts from the time it's placed in a vehicle until 10.00am the next day.

For further information see guidelines on how the visitor permit system works.

Buying visitors' parking permits

You may buy a maximum of 6 books per calendar month and 40 books in a year.

We use the authorisation card to record how many visitor permits have been issued to you, so we need you to provide your card each time you order further visitor permits.

To buy visitor permits you can:

  • come to our customer centre with your authorisation card and payment
  • write to us including your original authorisation card, details of how many books you require, and your payment (postal charge of 45 pence applies)

At the time of application, either for your first household permit or first authorisation card, you can indicate that you also wish to place an order for visitor permits and amend the fee to be paid according to the number of permits you require.

This will prevent you from having to place a separate order on receipt of your householder permit and/or authorisation card.

Discounts for visitors' parking permits

Authorisation cards are free of charge and visitor permits are reduced to £1.50 per book if you're:

  • over 60 years old
  • a blue disabled badge holder
  • on the higher rate of the mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance
  • registered blind
  • in receipt of Income Support
  • in receipt of long-term Incapacity Benefit
  • in receipt of Job Seeker’s Allowance

Discounts are also available if you're claiming a level of Universal Credit that meets any of the following criteria:

  • if you're not working, you (and your partner's) total income is no more than your maximum Universal Credit award entitlement
  • your award includes a child amount and, if you (or your partner) work, your monthly earnings are no more than £935.00
  • you (or your partner) have limited capability for work and, if you (or your partner) work, your monthly earnings are no more than £935.00
  • the award doesn't include a child amount, you (or your partner) don't have a limited capability for work and, if you (or your partner) work, your monthly earnings are no more than £435.00

It is your responsibility to:

  • provide evidence of entitlement at the point of application
  • tell the council if your circumstances change

You can provide a copy of your journal confirming the level of your entitlement to the Universal Credit award or a copy of your entitlement letter.

Cancelling visitor parking permits

Once issued, visitor parking permits can't be returned and the fee is non-refundable.

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