Disabled parking permits

If you are disabled you can get assistance with parking at your property for yourself and for visitors and carers. You can also get help when parking elsewhere in York.

Permits for disabled residents with their own vehicles

If you live in a house or flat within a residents' priority parking scheme (ResPark) zone and receive Attendance Allowance or Disability Living Allowance, you can apply for a special additional household permit for free.

Please return your application with your evidence of eligibility.

Changes to your vehicle details

Special additional permits can only be used on one specified vehicle.

This means that any change to your vehicle details will require a replacement permit.

You will need to:

  • return your permit before a replacement can be issued
  • include a letter explaining why you're returning your permit
  • include the vehicle registration document relating to the new vehicle

The replacement will be issued with the same expiry date as the previous permit. Please allow 10 working days for receipt.

Until you receive your replacement permit, you will be unable to park your new vehicle within the ResPark zone.

If you come in to our Customer Centre a new one can be issued to you then and there - so you will not have to wait for a replacement.

If you want to update your permit in person, please ensure that you bring:

  • your old permit
  • any required documents

Attendance permits for residents who require care

If you live in a house or flat within a ResPark zone and you need substantial and regular care, or you require Attendance Allowance, you may be entitled to a free attendance parking permit to enable your carers to park in your zone.

Please return your application with your evidence of eligibility.

Blue Badge scheme (for visitors and residents)

People with permanent and substantial walking difficulties can apply for a Blue Badge so that they can park closer to shops, restaurants and other places they want to visit.

Blue Badge holders can park free of charge with no time limit in any ResPark bay, as well as council car parks.

Find out more about blue badge parking in York.

Requesting a disabled parking bay outside your home

Blue Badge holders can request a marked bay close to their property, to raise awareness of a requirement for disabled parking at that location.

See further information about requesting a disabled bay at your address.

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