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A community parking permit is designed to assist organisations whose staff need to be able to park in a residents' priority parking scheme (ResPark) zone so they can 'serve the physical or spiritual needs' of residents.

Community parking permits allow you to park in all ResPark zones and can be issued on an annual or daily basis.

Return your completed application with the correct payment and a photocopy of any required supporting documents.

Annual community parking permit costs

There are 2 different rates available for the annual community parking permit, depending on the level of emissions that the vehicle produces and the size of the vehicle.

Discounted rate

You may be eligible for a discount dependent on your vehicle type:

Find vehicle tax information on a new or used car online from the Vehicle Certification Agency.

  • the discounted annual rate is: £27.25

Standard rate

You will be charged the standard rate on annual permits for any vehicles which do not qualify for the discounted rate.

  • the standard annual rate is: £54.50

Daily community parking permit costs

Daily community parking permits are issued in books of 20.

There are 2 different rates available for daily community parking permit books, depending on whether you represent a charity.

  • standard rate: £26.00 for a book of 20 day permits
  • charity rate: £6.00 for a book for 20 day permits

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