ResPark enforcement and complaints

Vehicles parked within a ResPark zone without a valid permit may receive penalty charge notices (PCN).

During patrolling hours you can call the free parking hotline on tel: 0800 1381119 to report vehicles that are parking without displaying a valid:

  • ResPark permit
  • blue disabled badge for longer than the permitted time
We aim to attend within 45 minutes of receiving your call.

Abuse of the scheme

You must not sell permits or give them to others who do not live within the resident parking zone. If you report someone abusing the scheme we will investigate the situation in confidence.

If abuse has been confirmed we can withdraw permits and/or issue penalty charge notices to the vehicle concerned.

Reporting problems and complaints

To report scheme abuses and vehicles without valid permits contact Parking Services or report it on the free parking hotline tel: 0800 1381119. The parking hotline is available 7 days a week during enforcement hours.

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