Park and pay by phone

Pay for parking, from the comfort of your vehicle, using your mobile phone:

You can also extend your parking time by phone and get text reminders before your parking expires.

Register to PayByPhone

To register to PayByPhone tel: 01904 279279 and follow the instructions - you can also pay for parking when you register.

Alternatively you can register and pay by text message. Simply text 'info' to 65565 and follow the instructions.

You can also register online on the PayByPhone website.

You'll need:

  • a valid credit/debit card
  • your vehicle registration number
  • your mobile phone number

Using PayByPhone

Once you've registered, next time you want to park:

  • phone 01904 279279, or text 'info' to 65565 and follow the instructions
  • enter the car/coach park location number (see car park sign or the table below for details) and the amount of time you want to park
  • if calling, you'll be asked if you have a York Resident Minster Badge to get a discount off your parking fee. Unfortunately, paying by text does not allow a Minster Badge discount to be applied
  • listen to the whole of the message and press 1 when prompted - don't hang up before this as your parking fee won't be paid/valid until the call is complete
  • your car registration number will appear on the parking officer's handheld device, so they'll know you've paid to park in that location/car/coach park
  • there's no need to display a ticket in your car. However, if you're using a Minster Badge make sure it's clearly displayed, so parking officers are aware you're entitled to a discount
  • if using the app and you wish to obtain the residents' discount, please add a number ‘1’ to the end of the location number. For example location 7700 would become 77001

Note: We advise users to book when they arrive as spaces booked in advance cannot be guaranteed.

Car park location numbers

Car park Location number
Bootham Row car park 7700
Castle car park 7701
Castle Mills car park 7702
Esplanade car park 7703
Foss Bank car park 7704
Marygate car park 7707
Monk Bar car park 7708
Nunnery Lane car park 7709
Piccadilly car park 7711
St George's Field car Park 7712
Union Terrace car Park 7714
Coach park Location number
Union Terrace coach park 7750
St George's Field coach park 7751

See a list of all car/coach parks or view a map of all car/coach parks

Cost of PayByPhone

  • a service charge of 20p will be added to parking fees over £2
  • a service charge of 10p will be added to parking fees under £2
  • text reminders about parking expiry times cost 10p each

A receipt for your parking can be sent by text (10p) or email (free).

Your parking costs will appear on your monthly credit/debit card statement, or you can view/print all of your parking transactions using your account on the PayByPhone website.

Extend your parking time

You can remotely extend the time you've paid to park using your phone - tel: 01904 279279 (or 65565 if you paid by text) and follow the instructions.

Long stay parking

You can use PayByPhone to buy multiple days of parking.

PayByPhone users (not pay by text) can also buy a weekly parking permit for £61.50 (plus 75p service charge).

Weekly permit discounts

Further weekly permit discounts are available for short vehicles or low emission vehicles (£30.75 plus 50p service charge). When applying, please show your registration document to Parking Services at West Offices so your entitlement permit can be seen by parking officers each time you park.

Pay using a ticket machine

If you prefer to pay at machines in our car parks, see our map of car parks to get details of each location and related parking costs.

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