Clamping and removal

Incorrectly parked vehicles may be clamped and removed if they've had 3 unpaid parking fines in the previous 6 months (which haven't been cancelled, following a successful challenge). We take action when a fourth penalty charge notice (PCN) is issued.

Removal of vehicles

If a vehicle has been clamped for at least 24 hours, or it is causing an obstruction, it may be removed and taken to storage facilities.

'Removal without clamping' can happen when vehicles are:

  • causing a major obstruction to traffic or a danger to pedestrians or other road users
  • parked on an operative bus stop, taxi rank or clearway where stopping is prohibited
  • parked in a specially designated reserved parking place (for doctors or disabled people)
  • parked in a suspended parking place
  • parked in a loading bay or loading gap
  • parked when a road is closed

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