Service Inspectors

Service Inspectors are tenants who meet every two weeks to look at a particular area of council housing services.

At the moment, they are looking at the 'Tenants' Choice' programme.

You can read more about service inspectors and what they do by going to the minutes from previous meetings and Service Inspector's terms of reference.

Service inspectors' role

Service inspectors find out about the housing services we provide by using:

  • face to face surveys with customers
  • checklists
  • meetings with staff
  • job shadowing
  • checking paperwork relating to inspections
  • examples of best practice from other organisations

They agree on recommendations to improve how we deliver our housing service and write a report for the appropriate senior officer.

Agreed recommendations are then included in the 'Housing Service Plan' and the inspectors monitor the delivery of improvements.

Get involved as a service inspector

If you would like to come along to a meeting or find out more, please email our Service Inspectors team: or contact our Housing Equalities and Engagement Facilitator, Julie Hood on 01904 552097 or email

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