We're currently looking for local volunteers to help set up a new Resident's Association for the Cornlands and Lowfield area.

Find out about Residents' Associations and how to set up a Residents' Association, or contact your Community Involvement Officer for more information.

Cornlands and Lowfield Residents' Association Area, projects and planning

The Cornlands and Lowfield area is in Westfield Ward - see a map of the area covered by the Residents' Association.

Housing Environment Improvement Programme

The Housing Environment Improvement Programme (HEIP) supports the delivery of local priorities, specifically improvements that tenants have identified as being important to them.

Get involved with Cornlands and Lowfield Residents' Association

For more information about setting up a Residents' Association contact:

We look forward to helping set up a new Residents' Association in the Cornlands and Lowfield area to help improve the local area for residents.

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