York Residents' Federation

York Residents' Federation is an umbrella group for Residents' Associations in York. It aims to represent the interests of residents and to promote their right to be involved in developing policies on housing and other issues. It gives help and support to Residents' Associations as well as encouraging the establishment of new Associations.

See the York Residents' Federation Constitution.

York Residents' Federation meetings

Federation Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month, from 6.30pm at West Offices. They are open to all York residents. Although the meetings are mainly about issues of concern to council tenants, guest speakers often cover more general topics.

Download minutes from previous Residents' Federation meetings:

Training and support for Residents' Federation and Residents' Association members

The Federation identifies training needs among members and works with other local, regional or national organisations to provide training and education and to raise issues of common concern.

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