Role of Sheltered Housing Scheme Manager

Scheme Managers are responsible for the buildings and people living in the sheltered schemes.

Our managers are professional people, who are all very friendly, approachable and can provide sensitive support and a listening ear when needed and always keep the welfare of the residents at the heart of all they do.

A scheme manager is on hand to offer information and support to tenants, in solving housing related issues and concerns as well as accessing services and activities.

They also manage the buildings, including maintaining and monitoring the safety and security of the buildings and responding to any breaches in safety.

Moving into your new home

When you move into your new home the scheme manager will welcome you to the scheme and make you aware of the things that may be important to you e.g. how things work, where the local amenities are. If there is a community centre on site they can show you around, introduce you to other residents and provide you with a timetable of activities.

Your scheme manager will spend time with you to help you in identifying your current level of independence and assess your support needs to help you remain independent. They will review your support needs with you every six months but you can talk to your scheme manager if your needs change any time. 

Your scheme manager will gather personal information from you to be kept on file in case of an emergency or if assistance is needed.

Scheme manager’s duties

The scheme manager normally works Monday to Friday, their hours of duty will be made clear to you when you arrive at your new home, as each scheme is different. duties will usually include the following:

Their duties will include:

  • Help newcomers settle in and explain how everything works
  • Contact tenants Monday to Friday to provide a welfare monitoring check, if required 
  • Deal with emergencies
  • Obtain medical help
  • Encourage social activities
  • Support tenants to report repairs
  • Support tenants in an emergency with shopping, prescription collection or ringing the GP. If you require this service regularly we will refer you for a social care assessment to look at what help you need.
  • Access support and liaise on behalf of tenants with services such as estate management, care management, customer finance, housing finance and repair contractors
  • Carry out health and safety checks such as testing the fire alarm, your community alarm in your flat and communal alarms within the building.

Contacting the Scheme Manager in an emergency

If you need help at any time you can press your personal alarm pendant or pull cord located around your home. There are also speech modules and cords located in communal areas. This will activate a telephone, which your scheme manager will answer during their working day.

What to do when the Scheme Manager is away

If you need help out of working hours press your personal alarm pendant or pull cord in your home. There are also cords and speech modules in the communal areas. Your call will be answered by the community alarm service, called Be Independent.

The community alarm service can help you by:

  • alerting the emergency services
  • contacting your doctor
  • contacting a relative or friend
  • sending a scheme manager to your home
  • offering you advice and information
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