Sheltered housing

Sheltered housing offers people aged 60 or over independent living in a smaller, easier-to-manage home, with support.

There are 7 sheltered housing schemes and 4 sheltered housing with extra care schemes in York. Contact our Housing Registrations Team for advice on whether you are likely to be eligible for sheltered housing which can:

  • help you live your life to the full, the way you want to
  • offer companionship and a good social life
  • provide opportunities to take part in activities with people of a similar age
  • give reassurance of help through a 24 hour community alarm system
  • allow continued independence with your own private accommodation
  • enable peace of mind while being in a safe and supportive community

Eligibility for sheltered housing

In order to qualify for sheltered housing, you should:‚Äč

  • be aged 60 years and over
  • not require comprehensive nursing care
  • believe that the security of a community alarm system, and reassurance and support of a scheme manager will enhance your quality of life
  • believe living in smaller, easier-to-manage home with support will help you to continue living your life to the full
  • believe living in a friendly community will help you feel less isolated
  • have a current application on the North Yorkshire Homechoice housing register (see How Do I Apply for Sheltered Housing)
  • have a recognised local connection to the North Yorkshire Homechoice partnership area (see section 2.5 of the North Yorkshire Homechoice Allocations Policy for details)

Eligibility for sheltered housing with extra care

This is similar to sheltered housing but is suitable for people who need some level of physical care. To qualify for extra care housing you must:

  • be aged 60 years or over
  • be a resident of York
  • have had your care and support needs assessed by social services. This tells us how much care you will need to support you in your home.

See our How Do I Apply for Sheltered Housing? page to find out more about social care assessments.

Other housing options

Speak to Alice Walker, our Older Persons Housing Advisor for York, about any aspect of 60+ housing options including:

  • staying in your current home
  • making your home better fit your needs
  • getting support or adaptions in your own home
  • moving to alternative or specialist accommodation

A housing related 'support directory' is currently being developed, in the mean time you can visit Connect to Support website or contact tel: 01904 554095 or email: for further information.

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