Sheltered housing

Sheltered housing offers people aged 60 and over independent living in a smaller, easier-to-manage home with support.

Unlike a nursing home, tenants in these schemes live largely independently with:

  • their own private accommodation
  • a 24-hour alarm system
  • a Scheme Manager who is on site from Monday to Friday

Each private house has personal living areas, a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom. Family and friends can visit at any time. Some schemes offer a fully furnished guest room; this is available on a casual basis for a small charge.

Tenants can influence how the schemes are run, as well as the activities held in their community facilities.

Visit our advice for sheltered housing tenants page for information about security, repairs, paying rent and ending a tenancy.


There are 2 kinds of sheltered housing in York:

Eligibility for sheltered housing

In order to qualify for sheltered housing, you should:‚Äč

  • be aged 60 years and over
  • not require comprehensive nursing care
  • have a recognised local connection to the North Yorkshire Home Choice partnership area (see section 2.5 of the North Yorkshire Home Choice Allocations Policy for details)

Find out how to apply for sheltered housing.

Eligibility for sheltered housing with extra care

This is similar to sheltered housing but is suitable for people who need some level of physical care.

To qualify for one of our sheltered housing with extra care schemes, you must:

  • be aged 60 years and over
  • be a resident of York
  • have, or apply for, a social care assessment - this tells us how much care you will need to support you in your home

Find out how to apply for sheltered housing with extra care.

Other housing options

Speak to Alice Walker, our Older Persons Housing Advisor for York, about any aspect of housing options for people aged 60 and over, including:

  • staying in your current home
  • making your home better fit your needs
  • getting support or adaptions in your own home
  • moving to alternative or specialist accommodation

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