Working out the cost of insurance

Before you apply for contents insurance for your council home you'll need to work out how much it would cost to replace your belongings.

The policy will cover:

  • items that are less than 5 years old - at the current replacement cost
  • items over 5 years old, clothing and household linen - at the current replacement cost with an allowance deducted for wear and tear


These are items which are particularly prone to theft, such as jewellery. The maximum amount of cover for valuables with this policy is one third of total sum covered, limited to £1,250 for any one valuable item.

Making sure you are adequately covered

The minimum values you can insure for are:

  • £6,000 for customers aged 60 or over, or residents of sheltered or supported accommodation
  • £9,000 for all other residents

Download our working out insurance checklist to work out, room by room, the replacement cost of your belongings.

How much you will have to pay

You can pay your annual premium in one lump sum, by cash, cheque, Girobank credit or postal order (payable to Royal & Sun Alliance).

Alternatively, you can pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly through Girobank at your local post office. If you choose this option you will receive a Girobank payment book when you receive your policy. 

Download the contents insurance scheme document to find out how much your insurance will cost.

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