Download an application form to apply for a pitch at one of the Gypsy and Traveller sites in York.

You may not be offered a pitch if:

  • you have any other home (or own any property) elsewhere
  • you owe us money for any reason
  • you currently, or have in the past, trespassed on one of our Traveller sites

Those who apply will be added to a waiting list which uses a 'priority' system with bands relating to your needs. Within each band, applications are ranked in date order of when they were accepted. View a description of each band on page 9 of our Pitch Allocation Policy.

The availability of site pitches is restricted, and is dependent on an occupied site being vacated. As a result, we can't provide any timeframes once your position in the waiting list has been confirmed.

Traveller pitch cost

There is a licence charge for the pitch and you will also have to pay Council tax. You can apply for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support to help you pay; see our benefits information for advice.

Other housing options

You may wish to consider other options, either whilst waiting for a pitch or as an alternative.

You can apply to join North Yorkshire Home Choice which is a list of people who want to be considered for rented accomodation, flats and houses owned by us and housing associations.

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