Housing strategy for older people

New plans for dealing with York's key housing issues for older people have been drawn up in our 2011 to 2015 'Positive Ageing, Housing Choices' housing strategy booklet.

Our review of what older people aspire to and our assessment of local needs has shown that there is a strong preference for:

  • remaining independent in your own home for longer
  • homes to take into account the changing needs of older people
  • more flexibility and choice in choosing housing care
  • better information about the housing choices on offer

Full details can be found in the strategy which can be downloaded from this page.

What are the priorities for older people's housing?

Our 'Positive ageing, housing choices' strategy has three strategic aims and each aim contains key objectives to tackle the local housing issues identified. These are to:

1. Ensure older people can make informed housing choices and plan ahead by providing accessible and clear information on their housing options by -

  • increasing awareness of housing and support options for older people
  • ensuring older people help direct the design and delivery of services through ongoing customer engagement

2. Ensure older people can remain independent in their homes for longer by -

  • increasing the proportion of all new homes built to lifetime standards
  • promoting and enabling the repair, maintenance and adaptation of existing homes to ensure they are decent and safe
  • improving access to affordable homes that have already been adapted to support independent living
  • enabling access to services that support independent living, especially for the most vulnerable households
  • reducing fuel poverty
  • enabling people to move, should they want to, from larger homes to ones more suitable to their needs

3. Promote and enable maximum independence and choice where there is a need for more specialist types of accommodation for frailer older people and those with specific needs by -

  • working with partners to increase the supply and quality of affordable specialist housing, offering a range of tenure options and bedroom sizes
  • exploring the options for best use of existing affordable specialist housing to best meet identified needs
  • ensuring specialist housing is accessible and welcoming to all types of households

How were these priorities developed?

Our strategy is based on strong evidence gathered from a range of surveys and consultations that have taken place. 

This includes:

  • strategic housing market assessments in 2007 and 2011
  • a private sector stock condition survey in 2008
  • a York fuel poverty report in 2008
  • Older people housing needs assessment 2010
  • Gypsy & Traveller accommodation needs assessment 2009
  • Black and minority ethnic/migrant worker housing needs assessment 2009

If you'd like to know more please call the Housing Strategy and Development team. 

Who did you consult?

Our strategy involved significant consultation with customers, service providers and wider stakeholders. We consulted widely during September and October 2010 to make sure we had identified the right priorities.

We asked for views through a variety of ways including:

  • older persons partnership board
  • older persons information fair
  • an on-line survey
  • our tenant and leaseholder magazine Streets Ahead
  • ward newsletters
  • Equalities fair

Reviewing the strategy

The strategy will be regularly reviewed and progress reports will be made available to download from this page.

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