Housing strategy

Plans for dealing with York's key housing issues have been drawn up in our housing strategy 'Creating homes, building communities'.

Improving homes, building new ones, helping people stay in their homes and homelessness are just some of the priorities we will be addressing.

Priorities for housing

Our 'Creating homes, building communities' strategy includes 6 strategic aims and each aim contains key objectives to tackle the local housing issues identified. These are to:

1. Improve access to housing and housing services, including appropriate information, advice and support by:

  • developing an advanced housing options service
  • increasing awareness of housing options for particular groups, such as older households and people with disabilities
  • increasing awareness of York's social housing allocation system

2. Make best use of the existing housing stock by:

  • tackling under occupation
  • tackling long-term empty properties
  • swiftly re-letting homes that become vacant in the social rented sector and tackling illegal sub-letting
  • increasing the role of the private rented sector in meeting housing need

3. Maximise the supply of decent environmentally sustainable homes that people can afford by:

  • increasing housing supply, especially the supply of additional affordable homes
  • ensuring all new homes are built to high environmental standards
  • tackling joblessness and financial exclusion
  • increasing the range of housing options available to older households and those with disabilities
  • addressing the housing needs of Gypsies, travellers and show people
  • ensuring a planned approach to student housing

4. Improve the condition, energy efficiency and suitability of homes and to create attractive and sustainable neighbourhoods by:

  • improving the condition and energy efficiency of existing homes
  • tackling fuel poverty
  • helping people to remain in (or safely return to) their homes
  • reducing anti-social behaviour
  • improving home security
  • increasing residents' involvement in decisions about their homes and neighbourhoods

5. Reduce homelessness and tackle the causes of homelessness by:

  • preventing homelessness whenever possible
  • reducing the use of temporary accommodation
  • ending people sleeping rough whenever possible
  • increasing the amount of special provision for young people and teenage parents

6. Develop effective partnership working by:

  • improving partnership working with the health sector

How these priorities were developed

Our strategy is based on strong evidence gathered from a range of surveys and consultations that have taken place.

This includes:

The strategy has also been shaped by regional and sub-regional housing strategies such as the North Yorkshire housing strategy 2010 to 2015.

If you'd like to know more, please call the Housing Strategy and Development team (contact details at the bottom of this page).

Who we consulted

Our strategy involved significant consultation with customers, service providers and wider stakeholders. We consulted widely during September and October 2010 to make sure we had identified the right priorities.

We asked for views through a variety of ways including:

  • an on-line survey
  • our tenant and leaseholder magazine 'Streets Ahead'
  • ward newsletters
  • equalities fair

The strategy will be regularly reviewed.

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