Your circumstances and your housing options

There are a range of circumstances where our Housing Options service can step in and help you:

Asked to leave by family or friends

We can visit your family home to discuss the reasons you have been asked to leave. We may be able to negotiate an extension of the time you are allowed to stay and within that time help you to find suitable alternative accommodation.

We can refer you to mediation services where someone will talk to all parties involved to try to reach a reasonable compromise in your situation.

Notice received from landlord

We can speak to your landlord to try and establish why they have given you notice to leave. It may be possible to solve any difficulties between you by referring to mediation services or by speaking to the Housing Benefit team, if there has been any delay in payment of rent for example.

We can also advise you about the validity of your notice and your legal rights.

Rent arrears from council / housing association or private rented property

It is vitally important that, whatever other debts you owe, paying your rent should be seen as a priority. We can talk to your estate manager or landlord on your behalf and also to the Housing Benefits team about your claim if necessary. We could also refer you to a Welfare Benefits Adviser to ensure that you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to.

We can also refer you to Citizens' Advice York where specialist workers can help you negotiate repaying your debts with lenders. The Citizens’ Advice York run outreach sessions in the community, and are available to speak to at our Customer Centre; please see Citizens' Advice York opening times for details.

Mortgage repossession

The advice relating to the threat of homelessness due to mortgage arrears is the same as with rent arrears from a landlord. We adopt the same methods and refer to the same agencies.

Remember that it is vitally important that, whatever other debts you owe, paying your mortgage should be seen as a priority.

Leaving prison

We have a joint York Offender Protocol with North Yorkshire Probation Service for people leaving prison. It seeks to address the housing needs of offenders and those leaving custody. The York Offender Protocol is available to download.

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