About the housing options process

If you need help or advice from our Housing Options Team, please attend one of our drop-in sessions.

Our Housing Options Team can offer advice and information about housing options for people with housing issues and those who may be, or are at risk of becoming homeless. The advice given is based on an interview with a member of the team.

Housing options interview

The initial interview may last about 45 minutes and you should bring all relevant paperwork with you.

For example:

  • a tenancy agreement
  • notice to quit
  • notice seeking possession
  • court documents
  • arrears letter

A Housing Options adviser will talk to you about your current situation, discuss any difficulties you are having and help you look at your options to either:

  • help you stay in your current home
  • find alternative housing

Housing advice and information

Looking at your individual circumstances, we'll give you realistic advice and information about your options.

We will:

  • negotiate with your landlord or parents
  • give information about your rights as a tenant and illegal evictions
  • give advice and put you in touch with money and debt advice specialists
  • give advice on mediation, counselling and long-term housing support
  • seek to maximise your income, for example by exploring your entitlement to Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

We'll also help you explore other housing options, including:

  • how to apply for shared ownership
  • how to find private rented accommodation (including renting from YorHome)
  • how to apply for social housing through the York housing register or through other Housing Associations
  • information about supported housing

Youth homelessness (16 and 17 year olds)

We offer support to young people aged 16 to 17 who are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless (16 year olds need to have officially left Year 11 to access this support). Download our leaflet on the youth homeless services we provide. You can also view the joint procedure for the assessment of housing and support for homeless 16- to 17-year-olds.

We would be happy to talk through your housing options with you. To arrange an appointment, you can either:

We'll work with you and your family to talk through any issues. The emphasis of our support is on preventing homelessness and helping you stay in your current home.

If you're at risk of homelessness, we may be able to:

  • work with you and your family to resolve any issues and make referrals to family support
  • access emergency accommodation and make referrals to longer-term supported accommodation such as Howe Hill for young people

You can also find advice on the York Survival Guide website and the Yor-Zone website.

Specialist advice

A Housing Options adviser may offer you further advice and support by referring you to a specialist adviser or legal representative, including:

If you are being taken to court for mortgage arrears, rent arrears or nuisance behaviour, you should contact the duty court desk or a solicitor for legal representation. The York 'court duty scheme' is run by Foundation York; you can contact them on tel: 01904 557490.

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