Temporary accommodation in York

The following hostels provide a range of accommodation for those who are homeless and considered 'priority need':

  • Ordnance Lane
  • Crombie House
  • Holgate Road
  • Howe Hill

You must be referred to these hostels by our Housing Options team.

The accommodation is made up of self-contained flats as well as shared facility hostel-style accommodation with either 24-hour staff or mobile security available.

If families or individuals need temporary accommodation on a longer term basis they may be offered a temporary flat or house.

If you're homeless and given temporary accommodation by us you will also be introduced to a personal support worker, who has a full understanding of housing options to guide you through the re-housing process and help you with budgeting, debt advice, independent living skills and tenancy management.

However, it is your responsibility to pay your rent and utility bills. Help will be given to claim housing benefit where relevant.

Hostel contacts

Contact us via Ordnance Lane Hostel, Fulford Road, York, YO10 4DY, or tel: 01904 553180. Alternatively, you can reach the Emergency Duty Team on tel: 01609 780780

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