Replacement waste containers

Planned maintenance to payments system

We're making essential updates to our payments system from 1pm on Thurs 19 October to midday on Fri 20 October. We apologise that we won't be able to take online or telephone payments during this time

Use our online service to order and pay for new and replacement waste containers, such as:

  • wheeled bins, for general rubbish or garden waste
  • recycling boxes, for paper/card, plastic, glass, tin cans

If we have lost/damaged a wheeled bin or recycling box during collection, we will replace it free of charge. We will put a postcard through your door explaining how we will replace it.

If your bin or box is damaged or missing completely and you do not have a postcard from us, we will not replace it free of charge.

We will deliver waste containers within 10 working days of your order.

Cost of waste bins and recycling boxes

  • standard household rubbish bin (180 litres): £42
  • standard garden waste bin (180 litres): £37
  • 240 litre rubbish bin: £47 (upgrade criteria applies; see 'Get a bigger bin' below)
  • 360 litre rubbish bin: £52 (upgrade criteria applies; see 'Get a bigger bin' below)
  • recycling box: £6 each
  • recycling box lid: free
  • recycling box net: free
  • rubbish sacks: not provided by us

Please note that all credit card transactions incur a 2% surcharge and we can only accept Visa or MasterCard.

Get a bigger bin

You can only apply for a bigger bin if the size of your household meets certain criteria, as follows:

  • 180 litre bin – 1 to 4 people
  • 240 litre bin – 5 people
  • 360 litre bin – 6 or more people

If you are still unclear about the size of bin you require for your property, please contact us.

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