Preventing bin problems

How to stop your bins from smelling

Follow these simple steps to prevent your bin from becoming smelly, especially during warm weather:

  • secure bin bags which contain food waste before putting them into your bin
  • store your bin out of direct sunlight
  • keep the lid of your bin firmly closed to prevent animals and flies from getting in
  • store your bin away from open windows and doors
  • uncooked vegetable and fruit waste can be composted at home

Prevent pests, maggots, cats and rats

Maggots only exist if flies have been able to reach your waste. Follow these tips to stop pests getting in:

  • tie up any rubbish bags tightly
  • wrap all perishables, such as food waste
  • ensure that the lid of the wheeled bin is kept closed
  • make sure that you never leave any food, including pet food, uncovered inside the house
  • store your bin out of direct sunlight as the sun will warm up the bin, increasing the smell and attracting flies
  • clean out plastic bottles and cans for recycling to minimise the smells that attract animals

Cleaning your bin

If there are maggots in your wheeled bin, most will be removed when it's emptied. Remaining maggots and fly eggs can be killed by washing your bin with boiling water - but take care with hot water.

Using a cleaning product with a fragrance will also help to keep flies away from your bin, please follow the manufacturer's safety instructions.

There are also companies in the York area who offer bin cleaning services.

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