Composting is easy to do and is not just for expert gardeners. Both kitchen and garden waste are great ingredients for the compost heap; even cardboard and paper can be composted.

We are working in partnership with North Yorkshire County Council to supply residents with low-cost compost bins. There are 2 sizes of bins available at subsidised prices:

  • 220 litre compost bin - £8 + delivery
  • 330 litre compost bin - £10 + delivery

Delivery is £5.99 per order.

We also have a 'buy one get one half price' offer on already discounted compost bins, meaning residents can team up with family members, friends or neighbours to get a compost bin for as little as £6 each.

Buy a compost bin

Our compost bins

Our bins are:

  • made in the UK from 100% recycled plastic
  • have a secure windproof lid and removable side hatch
  • are carbon footprint certified by the Carbon Trust
  • guaranteed for 15 years

Free compost for York residents

We offer free compost for residents each year available for collection from Harewood Whin, Rufforth. There are 3 'give away' dates this autumn.

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