Household waste

All households have alternate weekly collections for general rubbish and garden/recycling waste.

Use our online collection calendar to see:

  • types of waste we collect at your address
  • your collection dates (relating to your house number and postcode)
  • where to put your containers for collection

You should put your rubbish out after 7pm the night before and before 7am on your collection day. Please do not put your rubbish out at any other time.

You can also download the free One Planet York App to check the date of your next general rubbish, recycling and garden waste collections. The app allows you to set up reminders for the day before your collections and has a range of useful features.

Amount of household waste we will collect

From each household we will collect:

  • 1 wheelie bin of general rubbish with the lid shut (no extra general rubbish will be taken), or up to 3 black refuse sacks of general rubbish for households with bag collections
  • 1 wheelie bin of garden waste
  • additional garden waste bins relating to a valid garden waste subscription
  • recycling boxes with correctly separated items (paper/cardboard, plastic, bottles/cans, glass)
  • extra recycling (in open bags), if correctly separated

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