Commercial waste disposal sites

Find out about your responsibility for disposing of the waste your business produces.

Small businesses and traders who are registered to use our services (and hold all of the correct documentation) can use the waste disposal facilities at Hazel Court, James Street, York.

There is a charge for the service and the following terms apply:

  • facilities can only be used by businesses Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm
  • trade waste is not accepted at weekends
  • trade waste is not accepted at Towthorpe Centre at any time

Register to use commercial waste disposal sites

To register download the registration form.

You may also need a waste carrier's licence from the Environment Agency, depending on the types, quantities and origin of your waste. Please contact the Environment Agency to enquire if this is applicable to your business.

Once you have registered with us you will be issued with a window sticker for each of the vehicles that you have registered. These must be clearly displayed in your vehicles.

Types of commercial waste

Before you visit the site you need to check we can accept the types of waste you want to bring.

We cannot accept the following types of waste from businesses:

  • waste electrical equipment (for example computers, TVs)
  • asbestos
  • gas cylinders
  • fluorescent tubes
  • fridges and freezers
  • chemicals

We can accept the following types of waste from businesses:

  • plastic bottles
  • glass bottles and jars
  • metal cans and tins
  • paper and cardboard
  • wood
  • garden waste
  • plasterboard
  • carpets
  • mattresses
  • window frames
  • scrap metal
  • doors
  • bathrooms and kitchens
  • general rubbish, and so on

Business waste disposal and the law

If you bring your business waste on to any Household Waste Recycling Centre premises under the guise of household waste you are breaking the law.

You can be liable to pay a maximum fine of £50,000 under Section 33 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Monitoring takes place at all the sites in York and enforcement action will be taken against businesses that are found to ignore their responsibilities and the law.

Costs and charges

As a business you will be charged to use the waste disposal facilities at Hazel Court.

  • charges are made by the weight of material you bring
  • a minimum charge for anything under 500kg
  • you must stop on the weighbridge so your vehicle can be weighed per visit
  • you will need to wait at the weighbridge until you get your transfer note
  • we will check the unloaded weight of your vehicle so that the correct charges can be applied

A site attendant will advise you on the correct procedure to be followed. Failure to do this will result in being charged the cost of 1,000kg of non-recyclable waste.

We have a differential charging system in place to encourage recycling and composting.

Non-recyclable waste (for landfill)

Charges are based on £146.00 per tonne with a minimum charge of £75.00 per load.

Weight (kg)
Cost (£) (Excluding VAT) from January
500 or below (minimum charge) £75.00
600 £87.60
700 £102.20
800 £116.80
900 £131.40
1,000 (1 tonne) £146.00

Please Note: The minimum charge of for non-recyclable waste weighing 500kg or less.

Recyclable waste

To qualify for a recyclable load charge, 85% or more of your load needs to be recyclable. An initial assessment will be made at the weighbridge, but further checks will be carried out at the top level of the site. If it becomes apparent that 85% of the load is not recyclable the charge will be adjusted to the higher non-recyclable (landfill) rate.

Charges are based on £75.00 per tonne with a minimum charge of £38.00 per load.

Weight (kg) Cost (£) (Excluding VAT) from January 2015
500 or below (minimum charge) £38.00
600 £45.00
700 £52.50
800 £60.00
900 £67.50
1,000 (1 tonne) £75.00

Please Note: The minimum charge of for recyclable waste weighing 500kg or less.


You can pay by cheque on your visit to the site or by monthly invoice. Failure to pay your invoices in a timely manner may result in you being stopped from using the disposal facilities at Hazel Court until such a time that the outstanding balance is paid.

You can pay your trade waste invoices online using City of York Council online payments.

Informing us of business changes

If your business moves or there are other changes made in relation to your business (eg. name, contact details), you must inform us as soon as possible to ensure that our records are kept up to date.

If you move address and have a waste carrier's licence you will need to change the address on this via the Environment Agency.

If you change or add an additional vehicle to your business fleet you also need to inform us so we can issue you with new window stickers and for us to keep our records up to date.

Fair trading in York

Our policy is to ensure a fair trading environment for businesses in York. All businesses must register and pay to use Hazel Court Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Action will be taken against those who ignore the requirements and seek to gain advantages by not doing so.

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