• YorOK - Information, help and advice for children, young people, parents, carers and practitioners in York.
  • Youth Justice Board - Charged with preventing re-offending by young people.
  • Safer York Partnership - Initiative to reduce crime in the area. Information about the scheme, advice for citizens and contact details.
  • North Yorkshire Police - News, press releases, staff recruitment and information from North Yorkshire Police.
  • York and North Yorkshire Probation Trust - The National Probation Service occupies a central role in the criminal justice system. North Yorkshire is one of 42 probation areas in England and Wales that make up the National Probation Service. The Service's job is to prevent further crimes by effectively managing offenders who have been given a community sentence by the courts.
  • MAPPA - It is a process through which the Police, Probation and Prison Services work together with other agencies to manage the risks posed by violent and sexual offenders living in the community in order to protect the public.
  • North Yorkshire Youth Justice Service - The key objectives of the Youth Justice Service are to reduce youth crime, protect the public from serious harm, and safeguard the welfare of young people.

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