Our Youth Justice Service (YJS)(previously Youth Offending Team) in York is a multi professional, multi agency team with staff employed by over half a dozen different organisations.

Fill in an application to volunteer with YJS and return it to us in west offices or email it to alison.cammiss@york.gov.uk.

It is quite unlike most services that have a single employer, a single career structure, a single route for getting on to the ladder, getting trained and so on. And it is a true partnership team, with all these staff physically housed under one roof.

This makes it seem fairly complicated compared with most services, but it’s also a great strength to have seconded and partnership staff from such a variety of backgrounds in addition to the council.

Examples include: North Yorkshire Police, Probation Service, Health Service, Foundation Housing and Crime Reduction Initiatives.

But even this wealth of expertise is not enough. Volunteers bring experience, skills and a different way of looking at things and we have a range of opportunities where the job is best done by a committed member of the public rather than by a professional.

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