Climbing walls - general user information

Energise has the largest climbing wall in York - our climbing facilities include:

  • 13m high leading walls
  • 10m high beginner and intermediate walls
  • 4m high bouldering walls
  • Over 50 routes from easy to ‘rock’ hard!

Get involved in an exciting sport which will improve your agility, balance and coordination!

Competent adults climbing at Energise

If you're a competent adult climber (18+ years) register at Energise reception on your first visit - you'll be issued with a membership card to show each time you climb at Energise.

Competent 14 to 17 year olds climbing at Energise

Juniors aged 14 to 17 years who have successfully completed a 'competency test' (and had a parental consent form signed) may use the Energise climbing wall unsupervised at any time.

Please note: Juniors may not 'sign in' any guests.

Beginners and under 18s climbing at Energise

Novice climbers and those under 18 years (minimum age 5 years) can be 'signed in as a guest' of a competent adult climber. A maximum of 2 guests per competent adult is permitted.

Novice climbers and those under 18 years can also use the climbing wall at Energise as part of an instructor-lead course - see climbing courses and clubs, or contact Energise for more information.

Climbing parties and bookings

Birthday parties are available for 5 years and over.

Energise Climbing Wall can be booked for club nights or team building sessions. For further information, contact our Community Climbing Instructor, email:

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