Swimming lessons at Yearsley Pool and Energise

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Swimming lessons are available at Yearsley Pool and Energise. We specialise in high quality lessons for babies, juniors and adults of all abilities following the Learn to Swim Pathway.

Swimming lesson timetable

View the swimming lesson timetable for Energise and the swimming timetable for Yearsley Pool.

Enrol for swimming lessons

Enrolments are taken throughout the year. To book please contact Energise or call Yearsley Pool on tel: 01904 552424 or email yearsley.pool@york.gov.uk . Lessons run in 12-week blocks all year round apart from 2 week breaks at Christmas and during the summer.

Re-enrolment for swimming lessons

If you're not currently taking swimming lessons, you will need to be assessed by an instructor to assess the correct class for you to join - contact Yearsley Pool or Energise to book your free assessment.

During week 9 of lessons, re-enrolment forms are given out:

  • please use the form to indicate your preferred day / time choices
  • complete and return your form from 8am on the Sunday
  • please note that payments are not taken at this time

If you don't get a place in your first choice class, you will be enrolled onto your second or third choice class - we will contact you to let you know. If you don't hear from us, please assume you have been allocated your first choice of class.

All re-enrolment payments must be made by week 10 of lessons, by 1pm on the Saturday. Any spaces or unpaid bookings will then made available for new enrolments (in week 11).

Junior swimming lessons

There are 7 main stages which help to develop skills, movement and having fun in the water.

These are followed by stages 8 to 10 which are more sports-specific and include:

  • aquatic sports clubs
  • competitive swimming
  • water polo
  • synchronised swimming
  • diving
  • lifesaving

For more information on the different stages of learning to swim, visit Swim England Learn to Swim or get further information on synchronised swimming.

Adult swimming lessons

Learning to swim as an adult can be a daunting thought, but don't worry, our experienced swimming teachers are here to help you. Whatever your age or ability, we deliver adult lessons to suit you.

We can help you:

  • learn to swim
  • gain water confidence
  • learn new strokes
  • improve swimming strokes
  • improve your fitness
  • train for sporting events such as sponsored swims or triathlons.

For more information on learning to swim as an adult, visit Swim England Adult Swimming Framework.

Cost of swimming lessons

  • £5.75 for a 30 minute class (£69 for 12 weeks)
  • £7.10 for a 45 minute class (£85.20 for 12 weeks)
  • £7.40 for a 60 minute class (£88.80 for 12 weeks)
  • 1:1 learn to swim sessions cost £22.95 for a 30 minute class

We give adults and children 10 free swims per course, just to give you a helping hand and time to practise.

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