Making a donation for a park bench, tree or daffodil planting is a way to mark a memorable event such as a birthday, anniversary, wedding or to commemorate a special person.

Download a donation leaflet; once completed, return to the address shown on the leaflet.

One of our Parks and Open Spaces Officers will contact you to discuss your requirements, options, make recommendations and confirm prices.

To acknowledge your special contribution, you will receive a letter and certificate along with the details and location of your donation.

Tree donations and gifts

Help to offset CO2 production and protect York's precious tree heritage by making a donation towards planting a tree. We will try to match your preferred location and tree species and one of our Parks and Open Spaces Officers can assist you with your decision.

Tree planting season is between December and March. Donations received between April and November will allow us to plant in the next planting season. Donations received between December and March will be held over to the following year's buying and planting season.

The minimum donation for a personally owned tree is £175.00; the cost will depend on the species of tree chosen. Alternatively, you can make a donation of £25.00 towards the purchase and care of a tree.

Daffodil donations and gifts

Springtime is celebrated in York by a magnificent display of daffodils on the Bar Walls and parks. When you donate, you can specify on which part of the walls or in which park you would like us to plant your daffodils subject to the agreement of our Operations Manager (Public Realm).

Planting season is between October and November. Payments received during the winter months will be held to the following year's buying and planting season.

The minimum donation of £35.00 will pay for 250 bulbs.

Park bench/bench plaques donations and gifts

Benches can be located in a range of sites including:

All benches are of a robust and easy to maintain style and, depending on the site chosen, made to compliment their location.

The current minimum donation is £500.00 for a bench, which includes a brass plaque engraved with brief details of the donation. Alternatively, you may consider purchasing a brass plaque to be installed on an existing bench at a cost of £75.00. This covers the cost of the plaque, engraving and installation, and a small donation towards buying further seats for the park or open space.

Should you wish to donate a bench for Rowntree Park the minimum is £800.00; this is due to us having to meet Heritage Lottery Fund criteria, as any new bench has to match existing benches within this park.

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