Allotments we run

The 16 allotment sites we manage vary in size, layout and character. Please note:

  • all our allotment sites now have waiting lists
  • how long you will wait for a plot varies a lot between sites
  • waiting lists are kept by the volunteer site secretary for each site

Contact the allotments administrator for information on sites in your area. They'll provide contact details for the appropriate site secretary so you can ask to be added to the list. When your name comes to the top of the waiting list the site secretary will let you know when a plot is available.

See a map of allotments sites and apply online.

Allotment size

A traditional allotment is around 300 square yards in size. Keeping a plot this size in good condition takes quite a lot of hard work.

Many tenants find a 'half plot' of 150 square yards more suitable and this is the size that is usually offered to new tenants on our sites.

If you are new to gardening or have limited time available, you may prefer to start with a quarter plot to see how you get on.

Allotment costs

The rent for your plot will depend on its size. A livestock charge is paid by tenants keeping livestock on their allotment garden. There are discounts on your rent and deposit if you're aged 60 or over, a student, disabled or unemployed. See how much allotment rent will cost.

Pay allotment bills

If you have a plot on an allotment that we run you can pay your allotment rental invoices online.

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