Yorkcraft provides employment opportunities for people with disabilities. We employ 29 people with various disabilities, including placements on short-term, part-time (minimum 16 hours) employment training for 6 people who have previously experienced barriers to employment.

You can use the service if you:

  • have a disability and face barriers to finding and keeping employment
  • are long-term unemployed
  • are prepared to work for 6 months

You would need to contact Jobcentre Plus who would then refer you to Shaw Trust. After an initial assessment and job search, Shaw Trust would identify an appropriate organisation for employment, which may include Yorkcraft.

How Yorkcraft could help you

We provide experience and training in:

  • direct mail
  • contract packing
  • sub assembly
  • storage/archiving
  • confidential waste disposal
  • a range of other activities including gardening, decorating, light removals

We will work with and support you to:

  • develop your skills through training and setting work-related and personal goals
  • attend Shaw Trust job clubs to help you to progress to external employment
  • gain experience and work-related activities, to help develop your CV

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